Online Estimates

The convenience of getting an estimate without leaving your home! Our estimates are free and we offer options from mobile estimates to our free and easy online estimates. View More Details »

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair is a more cost-effective solution for removing dings, small creases and minor dents in your automobile. View More Details »

Glass Installation

Your car's windshield really takes a beating! Tiny pieces of gravel that constantly hit your windshield can create chips and cracks in your auto glass. It can be tempting to continue driving in spite of a cracked windshield, simply because we're busy and it's hard to find the time to have our windshield repaired but it needs to be fixed right away to restore your car's safety. View More Details »

Frame & Structure Repair

Assessing your vehicle’s frame and mechanical equipment is critical for safe and accurate repairs. Our certified technicians use state-of-the-art technology to evaluate damage, and systematically repair your vehicle to the original manufacturer specifications. View More Details »

Expert Color Matching

We pay attention to every last detail from the beginning of the repair to the very end. For that reason, computerized paint matching technology at Northeast Collision repair centers ensure the perfect paint match for every vehicle we repair. View More Details »

Pickup & Delivery/ Customer Shuttle

We are here to take some of the stress of an accident off of your shoulders. Being without your vehicle can be a burden and we understand that and are here to help. View More Details »

Motor Home & RV Repair

Your RV or motor home is your home away from home and keeping its systems well-maintained is crucial not only to your personal safety but also to your comfort. View More Details »

Fleet Services

Whether you have vans, utility trucks, company cars, or lease and rental fleets, we are dedicated to put your fleet vehicles back on the road without sacrifice to quality and safety. View More Details »

Rental Car & Insurance Claim Assistance

Need a car while yours is in the shop? Need help dealing with the insurance company? Accidents are not an every day occurrence for most people, but our employees do work through this process on an every day basis. Let our professionals help you through it! View More Details »