Check out this helpful driving tip

October 4th, 2012 3:05pm
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Driving at night can cause stress for some drivers. Try a few of these tips: 

Driving at night

  • No flashing: Flashing your high-beams at another driver will only increase the chance that two drivers will not be able to see. Avoid high-beams in fog, as well.

  • Be seen: If your car stalls, pull completely off the road beyond the end of the guardrail, if possible, and turn on emergency flashers

  • Avoid glare: Instead of looking at oncoming headlights, look toward the right side of the road and watch the white line marking the outside edge of the traffic lane.

  • Keep it clean: Dirty windows can increase glare, while dirty headlights can reduce efficiency by as much as 90 percent. When cleaning, don't forget the inside of your windshield.

  • Keep scanning: Look for flashes of light at hilltops, curves and intersections that may indicate the headlights of other vehicles.

  • Keep your distance: Four to five seconds of distance between vehicles can make it easier to spot and respond to potential problems on the roadway.